We Are Studio BEMS!

BEMS is established by Barış Ekmekçi and Münire Sağat. Our company is a design firm specializing in International Landscape Architecture and Urban Design projects from small-scaled to comprehensive large-scaled urban projects. BEMS has entered national, international architectural and landscape architectural competitions and has been awarded with first, second, third prizes. Our philosophy is to increase quality of urban, add environmental consciousness to ordinary landscapes and embrace ecological urbanism and also  make our cities more social, and environmentally sustainable.

BEMS main aims include offering smart and sustainable solutions for their clients by creating perpetual dialogs. Also, BEMS has several projects on residential areas, commercial areas, touristic places, historical and cultural heritages areas, airports, private gardens, zoos as well as documentation, project management and contract administration. BEMS has brought together a highly experienced and dedicated team including landscape architects, city planners, designers, engineers, contractors, horticulturalists, scientists, economists, sculptors and archaeologists.